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  1. Profitability Milestone: Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares announced on Thursday that electric vehicles (EVs) are finally turning a profit for the company. This marks a significant milestone for traditional automakers, as profitability has been a challenge in the EV market despite growing demand.
  2. Contrasting Strategy: Unlike some rivals, Stellantis has no plans to scale back on producing EVs. Tavares emphasized that the company’s strategy differs from competitors and that they are committed to full-speed electrification.
  3. Record Profits: Stellantis reported its third consecutive year of record profits since the merger of Fiat Chrysler and PSA Group in 2021. This indicates a strong financial performance amidst the transition to EVs.
  4. Comparison with Competitors: While Tesla, a non-union electric vehicle maker, has become the most profitable US automaker, traditional automakers like Ford and General Motors have faced challenges in making EVs profitable. Ford reported significant losses in EVs last year, while GM aims to become profitable in the EV market in the second half of this year.
  5. Stellantis’s EV Plans: Stellantis, known for brands like Jeep, Ram, Chrysler, and Dodge, has been selling EVs in Europe and will introduce its first EVs to the US market this year. The company is expanding its EV lineup as part of its long-term strategy.
  6. Profit Margin Challenges: While EVs are becoming profitable for Stellantis, Tavares acknowledged that they are not yet as profitable as traditional gas-powered vehicles. The company is focused on improving the profit margins of electrified vehicles to match those of internal combustion engine vehicles.


Stellantis’s announcement of EV profitability marks a significant achievement for the company and underscores its commitment to electric vehicle production. As the automotive industry shifts towards electrification, Stellantis’s strategy to maintain momentum in EV production sets it apart from competitors and positions it for future growth in the rapidly evolving market.