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Ariana Grande Steps Out with Broadway Boyfriend Ethan Slater

Ariana Grande, the famed singer, recently concluded her marriage with Dalton Gomez. Now, she appears to be more open about her relationship with Ethan Slater, her co-star in the upcoming ‘Wicked’ movie. Slater is renowned for his portrayal of SpongeBob SquarePants in the live theater version. The two were spotted having a delightful night out in New York City.

A Night Out in NYC

On a Saturday night, Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater were seen enjoying a meal, or perhaps drinks, at the MO Lounge within the luxurious Mandarin Oriental hotel, located in the heart of Manhattan. Eyewitnesses observed the couple having a private corner table, with their attention solely focused on each other. They appeared to be quite flirtatious and affectionate.

Ariana Takes the Lead

During the evening, it was Ariana who displayed more affection. She frequently moved closer to Ethan Slater, whispering sweet-nothings and sharing kisses. The pair seemed to be having a wonderful time and appeared to have enjoyed a glass of wine each. They spent nearly two hours perched at their table, engrossed in conversation.

A Less Reserved Outing

This recent outing was noticeably less discreet than their previous public appearances. Not long ago, they were spotted together on a trip to Disneyworld in Florida. However, at that time, they were not officially single in the eyes of the law. Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez finalized their divorce a few weeks ago. This marked the end of one chapter for Ariana and the beginning of another for Dalton Gomez, who seems to be moving forward with his life.