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A top Republican official has issued a cryptic warning about a “serious national security threat” confronting the United States. According to officials in the US who spoke with CBS News, Russia is reportedly developing a nuclear-capable weapon capable of disabling satellites, thereby disrupting communications networks. However, there is no evidence to suggest that such a weapon has been deployed thus far.

White House Response and Congressional Briefings

The White House has stated that while the threat is not immediate, congressional leaders will receive briefings on the matter throughout the week. Lawmakers have until Friday to review the intelligence related to this threat. To facilitate this, classified information has been made available for viewing in a secure facility within the US Capitol complex.

Call for Declassification

Mike Turner, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, has urged President Biden to declassify all information concerning this threat. He emphasized the need for open discussions among Congress, the administration, and allies to formulate an appropriate response.

Response from Congressional Leaders

Democratic lawmakers have underscored the significance of the threat while cautioning against public panic. They have also expressed willingness to discuss the potential declassification of more information but stressed the need for such discussions to remain confidential.

Senate Intelligence Committee leaders, Mark Warner and Marco Rubio, have stated that their committee is closely monitoring the situation and is deliberating on an appropriate response. They emphasized the importance of preserving intelligence sources and methods while addressing the threat.

White House Position

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan offered to personally brief the “Gang of Eight” and other key lawmakers on the issue. However, he expressed surprise at Congressman Turner’s public statements before the scheduled briefing, highlighting the sensitivity of the matter.

Sullivan reiterated the Biden administration’s commitment to safeguarding national security and emphasized the diverse range of threats facing the United States, including terrorism and state actors.

As discussions unfold and briefings continue, the focus remains on addressing the potential national security implications of the reported threat posed by Russia’s development of a satellite-disabling weapon.